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Itzhak Ofek & Associates Attorneys at Law

We are a leading labor and employment law firm serving private sector employers since 1982.


Legal Counsels & Business Partners:

With over 40 years of experience, across two generations, the Ofek legal team has gained a unique outlook that enables us to provide comprehensive legal counsel and representation to our clients as their business partners. We have a multidimensional understanding of the ever-changing needs of our clients and the business landscape, and offer legal advice that supports and encompasses our clients’ business interests and management needs.

At Ofek we specialize in labor and employment relations, representing private-sector businesses and employers. We speak C-suite and offer our clients innovative, diverse, and exceptional solutions tailored to overcome the labor market’s unique challenges and the distinct characteristics and needs of every business and its management team.


We are committed to responding to all our clients’ needs and to addressing their legal issues. To best serve our clients we do not hesitate to tackle difficult issues, explore  the root of the problem, ask questions, suggest changes or improvements, and (when needed) refer them to our network of colleagues and professional consultants with whom we have professionally partnered for many years. Our network includes a broad range of experts in management, organizational consulting and recruitment, financial consultants such as actuaries and payroll consultants, as well as private investigators, PR and communications experts, reputation defense management and audit and control professionals.

We cultivate and maintain our relationships with our clients, and make every effort to facilitate their business growth and development while focusing on solutions that will help them avoid facing the same legal issues once again.

When you work with us, you partner with a leading, versatile, agile team player. Our team focuses on your priorities and needs while applying extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of labor law across various sectors of both Israeli and global economy.

Our clients range from mid-sized family-owned businesses to some of the largest employers based both in Israel and globally. This includes traditional industry, high-tech and fintech, retail, pharma, engineering, construction, education, food, and professional services corporations, as well as employer organizations.

Ofek & Associates Attorneys at Law is part of the Itzhak Ofek & Associates Group comprised of three subsidiaries, a labor & employment and commercial law firm, an executive and organizational consulting firm, and a payroll audit firm.

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